WP Auto Albums - Multi Level Responsive Grid

Created: October/3/2013
By: David Blanco
Contact: My Author Page
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Table of Contents

The Files You Need

First when you unzip the plugin you will see these folders:

Once you upload the plugin to your Wordpress you must active it in your Wordpress plugin page and it will look like this:

The Shortcode

Now you can put the Albums anywhere in your page or post just by adding this small shortcode:

And then it will create the Albums and Galleries from the images and folders that are inside a folder named: "Gallery" (by default), this folder is in the autoAlbums plugin folder and you can change it in the admin page of this plugin.

Also if you want to create more Albums let say in another page and from a different folder you can pass a parameter to the shortcode and specify another directory for the Albums, for example to create Albums from a Gallery2 folder you will do it like this:

[autoAlbums directory="Gallery2"]

Just Drag and Drop Images Into a Folder

No Categories

If you don't want categories just a grid of images then you can just drag and drop them in the Gallery folder and the folder will look like this:

The plugin will take care of reading them, just refresh your page and you will see this images automatically added to the grid!

With Categories or Albums

If you want categories inside the "Gallery" folder you need to create folders inside that will be the Categories of your Gallery (e.g. Hollidays, Photography, Animals, etc.) and inside those folders you put the images you want. And that's it, refresh your page and you will see now your gallery with albums and then if you click on one of it it will bring the images from that album. The caption box that shows when you over an image will be the name of the image, and the directory will look like this:

Without Limit

Is not over, you can keep creating folders of images inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder and the plugin will still reading them all creating a navigation at the top so you can go back in whatever level of your choice as you can see here:

Album Cover Image

You have 3 options in order to choose a Album Cover Image

Adding Performance

To improve performance you can add thumbnails for the grid and then when you click in one of them the plugin will open a lightbox with the real one. To make a thumbnail just add a folder named "thumbnails" and inside put the thumbnails of your images, the thumbnails must be with the same name of the real image so the plugin can recognize them.
For example if you wish to add a thumbnail for a image named "Black Dress.jpg" you will do it like this:

You don't need to add a thumbnail for each image, just for the ones you like.

Important: make sure that the folder of the thumnails is named "thumbnails" all in lowercase and the thumbnail image has the exact same name of the real one.
Heads Up! For performance take care of your images size, the images on the live preview of my item are around 100kb and the thumnails are around 10kb so the gallery is faster.


Now is time to make some changes to the default settings of the plugin. You can change them in the Admin Page of the plugin and you can see where is located in the following image:

Options Available

And now a little description of each one:

Option Description
Images Order This is the order of the images in the grid and you can order it by Date, by Date Reverse, By Name, By Name Reverse or randomly byDate, byDateReverse, byName, byNameReverse, random
Lazy Load Feature? When you reach the end the grid will try to load more images as if you click the "load more images" button (be careful with this option specially when you have multiple galleries, I would recommend it only when you are using a single gallery and if you don't have content below) yes, no
A Random Folder Cover? If there's no folderCover image then get a random image from that album and use it as folder cove rimage yes, no
Folders At Top? If you want the albums/folders to be always at first in the grid and then the images yes, no
Show Number of Folders? If you want to show the number of folders that are inside an album yes, no
Show Number of Images? If you want to show the number of image that are inside an album yes, no
Auto Hide Number of Folders? If there is no folders inside a folder then don't show the number of folders yes, no
Auto Hide Number of Images? If there is no images inside a folder then don't show the number of images yes, no
Show Navigation Bar? Would you like to show the navigation bar of categories yes, no
Images To Load At Startup The number of images to load when it first loads the grid a number
Images To Load The number of images to load when you click the load more button or in lazzy load a number
Horizontal Space Between Thumbnails The space between images horizontally a number
Vertical Space Between Thumbnails The space between images vertically a number
Column Width The width of each columns, if you set it to 'auto' it will use the columns option instead 'auto', a number
Number of Columns This will only work if you set the columnWidth to 'auto' and it is the number of columns you wish to display in the grid so it can adapt to its container a number
Minimum Width of Each Column (px) The minimum width of each columns when you set columnWidth to 'auto' a number
Animated Effects for the Grid? If you wish to display the animation when resizing or filtering with the nav bar yes, no
Show the Captions of the Images? Would you like to show the caption in mouse over? yes, no
The Effect of the Caption The type of caption effect 'grid', 'grid-fade', 'classic'
Show the Lightbox? Do you want the lightbox? yes, no
Lightbox Keyboard Navigation? Keyboard navigation of the next and prev image yes, no
Lightbox Speed Effect (ms) The speed of the lightbox effects a number
Lightbox Zoom Animation? Do you want the zoom effect of the images in the lightbox? yes, no
Lightbox Text? If you wish to show the text in the lightbox yes, no
Lightbox Play Button? Show the play button? yes, no
Lightbox Auto Play? The first time you open the lightbox it start playing the images yes, no
Lightbox Play Interval (ms) The interval in the auto play mode a number
Lightbox Show Timer? If you wish to show the timer in auto play mode yes, no
Stop Play When Lightbox Closes? Stop the auto play mode when you close the lightbox? yes, no
HashTag? Do you want the hashtag in the URL? yes, no

Some Handy Stuff

When you order the images By Name and you want to edit the order just add A-, B-, etc... at beginning of the name of the images like this (the A-,B-, etc... will not be showing in the caption):

If you like to link to another page when you click on a thumbnail of the grid you need to add the url to the page you wish to link in the name of the image after '$$' for example: Plants vs Zombies$$google.com.jpg in this case will link to google.com (the plugin will take care of adding http:// before google.com)

Still Confused

If you still having doubts or if you didn't understand something feel free to contact me via email through my profile Here at the bottom there is a contact form, I will help you any way I can!